Chapter One

Rudolph stumbled towards the stable door, and with each step his stomach tightened and ached all the more. The echoing sound of the television thumped through his head with every syllable. He shivered violently in the humid stables, as he continued his struggles towards the door.


Santa burst through the door in a panicked frenzy, “Rudolph! Get back into bed! You need your rest, we’ve been over this!”

Rudolph reluctantly crawled back into bed whilst mumbling under his breath “I’m fine, I WILL be fine, I HAVE to be fine, it’s a week until Christmas!”

All of a sudden, the words from the television grabbed their attention:

‘BREAKING NEWS: Rudolph is bed-bound with Reindeer flu, could this mean Christmas is cancelled?!’

Santa switches the TV off in anger, and they sit in silent disbelief…this has never happened before, would Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, or Blitzen be able to step up and take Rudolph’s role!? Or would Christmas really be cancelled?

To be continued…

#DronesCanSaveXmas #DronesCanSaveLives


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