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Simply complete a series of 3 to 14 ‘yes/no’ questions about your drone and how you intend on flying it. The number of questions depends on the answers you give. Once completed, you will be asked to sign up to our newsletter to subsequently receive your results.

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Don’t have a drone yet? Or you haven’t started flying drones yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to complete as many times as you need. Just answer all questions in relation to the drone you intend on buying and how you plan to operate it. Your personalised guidance will explain your results, so if you fall into a higher risk category because of the drone you’ve selected or the way in which you plan to fly it, you can adjust accordingly and then complete the ‘Drone License Finder’ again to receive your updated results – be sure to ‘unsubscribe’ before completing it again though. Equally, bear in mind that if your choice of drone and/or if your drone operations change, then your results may no longer be accurate. Therefore, you will need to complete the survey again to reflect the changes in your drone and/or drone operations.