Chapter Two

Rudolph slowly wakes from his sickness induced stupor, his eyelids are weighed down and he moves sluggishly. The noises of sniffles, sneezes, and groans from around him shocks Rudolph into an upright position. The realisation that all of his reindeer comrades lay sick beside him just 5 days from Christmas Eve – the biggest night of their career – floods him with more pain than forcing his frail, broken body through that rapid sitting motion.

Santa strolls in with a defeated posture, continuously wiping his bloodshot, red eyes.

“Oh no! Please don’t say you are ill too, Santa!?” says Rudolph in a croaky whisper.

“No no, fortunately Reindeer flu cannot affect me. I just don’t know what I am going to do without my reindeer on Christmas Eve, it’s such an upsetting thought, I…might…have…to…CANCEL CHRISTMAS!” Santa bursts into uncontrollable tears, and slumps to the floor in despair.

To be continued…

#DronesCanSaveXmas #DronesCanSaveLives

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