This Christmas, we at SkyBound Rescuer would like to bring awareness to the lifesaving and truly life-changing abilities of drone technology. This blog post explains our motivations behind this campaign and exactly how we intend to spread the joy of rescue drone awareness this Christmas.

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Positive drone media is ubiquitous and increasing, yet it is the negative reports that remain at the forefront of people’s minds when considering this technology. There is a plethora of drone lifesaving proof to call upon for evidence, such as DJI’s recent findings that highlights the fact that drones have been saving at least one life a week this year alone. However, articles on near misses or crashes with manned aviation or people, drug drops into prisons, and more, seems to consistently drown out all the aforementioned positivity. Not to mention, drone technology was already marred with controversy even before it entered the consumer market due to its military roots; the drone industry continues the relentless struggle of shaking off this “hunter-killer” connotation – proving especially difficult with the older generation that can still recall endless media stories of devastation and destruction caused by “drone strikes” in warzones. This combined with the technology’s new reputation for misuse, makes the concept of drones being used as a lifesaving tool a hard one to digest for many members of the public.

It is important to remember that the technology is rarely at fault for these mistakes, the fault within the system continues to be the human operator element. A component that cannot be removed with present aviation regulations. An analogical question we usually ask in order to encourage someone to look at this problem from a different angle is:

We don’t blame the car in a car crash – especially if the driver has no license – so why do we blame the drone in a drone crash rather than the unlicensed operator?

All too often we have witnessed the positive impact of drones being hindered or stopped entirely due to many misinformed negative perceptions towards them. This negativity could be preventing lives from being saved or from being changed for the better.

Our Christmas campaign aims to bring awareness to the lifesaving and truly life-changing abilities of drone technology, so that drones can save more lives by becoming more widely accepted.


We will be selling Christmas Cards from the 6th of November until the 26th November (2017). Once the sales have closed, the cards will be sent out to all customers. Each card beautifully illustrates a synopsis of our Christmas story across the front, with information on when our full online Christmas story begins on the back. People can spread the message of rescue drone awareness this Christmas by buying our campaign cards for their friends and families. Buy yours here!

Rescue Drone Christmas Cards Front and Back DesignRescue Drone Christmas Cards Front Design

Furthermore, from the 18th of December until Christmas day, we will be releasing 1 graphic with 1 chapter of our Christmas story per day, shared via our blog, Facebook page, Instagram and our CEO’s LinkedIn – for maximum exposure.

Rescue Drone Christmas Campaign Design

We hope you share our vision for the project and can appreciate our motivations behind it. Please help support our Christmas campaign and let’s spread the joy of rescue drone awareness together! Buy your cards today!

If you have anything to add or questions to ask or recommendations for future research blog posts, please don’t hesitate to use the comment section below. AND don’t forget to email subscribe, so you’re always up-to-date with the world of SAR drones!


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