Gemma Alcock is an award-winning innovator and respected thought-leader in the use of drones for public safety. Gemma was selected in a prestigious competition as the woman making the most difference in drones for search and rescue (SAR) around the world, receiving the title of the ‘Woman to Watch in UAS 2018’.

Gemma’s backgrounds in both SAR and in technology, combined with her love of aerial systems (borne of her passion for skydiving), set the foundation for a fascinating piece of work exploring the utility of drones for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and their search capability. By conducting a rigorous quantitative and qualitative (human centred) analysis, Gemma formulated a strong case for further development of system requirements based on the benefits such a system could deliver. Her prototyping brought ideas to life and her work informed greatly the Future SAR Innovation programme in the RNLI. After which, she founded SkyBound Rescuer in 2016 to help shape the future of public safety drones and to start helping all Emergency Services around the world to benefit from drone technology.

Not to mention, Gemma is the Lowland Rescue Director of Air Services, after previously fulfilling the role of Technical Development Lead for Air Operations. Lowland Rescue is the UK-based SAR charity that searches for missing vulnerable people on behalf of police forces. Gemma leads the air services team, which ensures that Lowland Rescue volunteers can work effectively and safely with SAR helicopters and drones, all across the UK.

Through Gemma’s tireless focus and commitment to the advancement in the use of public safety drones, Gemma has become widely respected as a thought-leader in both the drone industry and SAR sector; she is truly committed to and passionate about creating a future in which drones will routinely be a tool for saving lives.


David spent a full career in the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), undertaking every role from Firefighter to Strategic Senior Officer working in three different services and at national levels, and he famously undertook game-changing flood rescue research in North America and the EU and implemented the findings to great effect.

Latterly, he has been the CEO of Professional Rescue SAR Academy, a small specialist company that operates as a fire, water and marine safety consultancy and training resource provider at home and abroad; which has trained hundreds of first responders in water rescue, boat handling/rescue, flood response/rescue and helicopter aquatic techniques.

David maintains national, European, and international level interests in fire and rescue services and represent the industry for the IAEM to the Government, EENA, and CEN.

After 3 years of successful collaboration, David formalised his relationship with SkyBound Rescuer by joining the brand as the Director of Training Events. David is a contributor and instructor for SkyBound Rescuer’s Rescue Drone Awareness course, with delegates from a variety of services from flood rescue teams, to fire & rescue services, to police forces; and co-authored many research papers and articles with SkyBound Rescuer’s CEO, Gemma Alcock. Not to mention, co-leading with Gemma on the successful ‘Life Saving – The Future’ video campaign that depicted a drone search and rescue story of the future.

David brings a wealth of world-leading knowledge in emergency management and search and rescue experience to SkyBound Rescuer, to further its mission of shaping the future of drone lifesaving in emergency response.