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Brochures for Our Product Range

Deployment Pack (for any multi-rotor remote pilot)

Deployment Pack for Emergency Services

Flight Reference Cards: DJI Mavic Series

Flight Reference Cards: DJI Inspire Series

Trialled and Tested with Essex Police, UK

We conducted a performance review of these products with Essex Police, these solutions improved the accuracy of their drone procedures by 31% and saved 14 hours per annum. Download the full paper here. 


“Great piece of work. This will further enhance our standards and keep our pilots safe. Thanks!”

– Essex Police Drone Team – 

“The use of these products during our training made the assessment flights more efficient and ultimately safer, and we will continue to use them on our SAR drone deployments.”

– Nottinghamshire SAR Team – 

“Staggeringly accurate with no room for error or improvement, they will benefit their users in an unparalleled way.”

– Jamie Allan, Allan Panthera –