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Will your maximum flying height be 120m/400ft?

Please ensure you read the guidance information at the bottom of the page to help you answer this question, as the accuracy of your answers will determine the accuracy of your results.

Guidance Information:

This height is to be calculated from the closest point on the earth’s surface directly beneath the drone at any point during its flight. The drone’s height throughout a flight must be adapted accordingly to the geographical characteristics of the terrain, such as plains, hills, mountains, and the suchlike – see image below.

If you are flying higher than 120m/400ft in order to overfly an obstacle taller than 105m, such as a tall building (as pictured in the image above), and you are remaining 15m from the top of said obstacle, then your answer to this question should still be ‘no’.

As an example, if you intend on taking off from a mountain’s summit up to a height of 120m/400ft, to then fly straight out at a constant altitude with the ground slanting downwards beneath the drone throughout the flight then your height above the ground will begin to exceed 120m/400ft and therefore your answer to this question is ‘no’. However, continuing with the mountaintop scenario, if you intend on taking off from a mountain’s summit up to a height of 120m/400ft and then intend on following the downwards slant of the ground with the drone remaining at 120m/400ft above the ground at all times, your answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Don’t’ have a drone yet? Or you haven’t started flying drones yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to complete as many times as you need. Just answer all questions in relation to the drone you intend on buying and how you plan to operate drones. Your personalised guidance will explain your results, so if you fall into a high-risk category because of the drone you’ve selected or because of the way in which you plan to fly it, you can adjust your plans accordingly and then complete this survey again to receive your updated results. Equally, bear in mind that if your choice of drone changes and/or if your intended drone operations change, then your results may no longer be accurate – therefore, you will need to complete the survey again to reflect your changes in drone and/or drone operations.