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Do you intend on carrying dangerous goods with your drone?

Please ensure you read the guidance information at the bottom of the page to help you answer this question, as the accuracy of your answers will determine the accuracy of your results.

Guidance Information:

‘Dangerous Goods’ means articles or substances, which are capable of posing a hazard to health, safety, property or the environment in the case of an incident or accident, that the drone is carrying as its payload, including in particular:

  1. Explosives (mass explosion hazard, blast projection hazard, minor blast hazard, major fire hazard, blasting agents, extremely insensitive explosives);
  2. Gases (flammable gas, non-flammable gas, poisonous gas, oxygen, inhalation hazard);
  3. Flammable liquids (flammable liquids; combustible, fuel oil, gasoline);
  4. Flammable solids (flammable solids, spontaneously combustible solids, dangerous when wet);
  5. Oxidising agents and organic peroxides;
  6. Toxic and infectious substances (poison, biohazards);
  7. Radioactive substances; and
  8. Corrosive substances.

Furthermore, blood may also be considered to be capable of posing a hazard to health when it is contaminated or unchecked (potentially contaminated). In these cases, blood is also considered to be a ‘dangerous good’. However, medical samples such as uncontaminated blood is not considered to be a ‘dangerous good’.

Don’t’ have a drone yet? Or you haven’t started flying drones yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to complete as many times as you need. Just answer all questions in relation to the drone you intend on buying and how you plan to operate drones. Your personalised guidance will explain your results, so if you fall into a high-risk category because of the drone you’ve selected or because of the way in which you plan to fly it, you can adjust your plans accordingly and then complete this survey again to receive your updated results. Equally, bear in mind that if your choice of drone changes and/or if your intended drone operations change, then your results may no longer be accurate – therefore, you will need to complete the survey again to reflect your changes in drone and/or drone operations.