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Can you reasonably expect there to be uninvolved persons in the areas in which you plan to fly your drone?

Please ensure you read the guidance information at the bottom of the page to help you answer this question, as the accuracy of your answers will determine the accuracy of your results.

Guidance Information:

‘Uninvolved Persons’ is defined as:

An uninvolved person is a person that does not take part in the drone operation, either directly or indirectly.

In contrast, a person can only be considered an ‘involved person’ when they have:

  1. Given explicit consent to the UAS Operator or to the remote pilot to be part of the drone operation (even indirectly as a spectator or just accepting to be overflown by the drone); and
  2. Received from the UAS Operator or from the remote pilot clear instructions and safety precautions to follow in case the drone exhibits any unplanned behaviour

If you intend on flying in areas where you can reasonably expect there to be uninvolved persons present, then you must answer ‘yes’ to this question.

If you intend on flying in areas where you can reasonably expect there to be no uninvolved persons present, then you can answer ‘no’ to this question. In the event of unexpected uninvolved persons to be present, your answer to this question is still valid, because this question is aimed at whether it was reasonably expected or not.

Don’t’ have a drone yet? Or you haven’t started flying drones yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to complete as many times as you need. Just answer all questions in relation to the drone you intend on buying and how you plan to operate drones. Your personalised guidance will explain your results, so if you fall into a high-risk category because of the drone you’ve selected or because of the way in which you plan to fly it, you can adjust your plans accordingly and then complete this survey again to receive your updated results. Equally, bear in mind that if your choice of drone changes and/or if your intended drone operations change, then your results may no longer be accurate – therefore, you will need to complete the survey again to reflect your changes in drone and/or drone operations.