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Will you be flying within visual line of sight?

Please ensure you read the guidance information at the bottom of the page to help you answer this question, as the accuracy of your answers will determine the accuracy of your results.

Guidance Information:

Visual line of sight (VLOS) means a type of drone operation in which, the drone pilot is able to maintain continuous unaided visual contact with the drone. Put simply, the drone pilot can visually see the drone throughout the full flight.

If one or both of the conditions described below apply to you when you’re exceeding VLOS (i.e. flying the drone where you cannot visually see it) then your answer should still be ‘yes’ to this question:

  1. Your drone is in “follow-me mode” and the drone is 50m from you as the drone pilot; or
  2. You’re using an Observer (defined below) and the drone is 50m from you as the drone pilot

Please note that if point 1) applies to you, when exceeding VLOS, you must always fly in “follow-me mode” and be flying the drone within 50m from you for your results from this survey to always be accurate. Should conditions change, please complete this survey again.

An Observer is defined as:

A suitably briefed individual whose role it is to maintain a visual survey of the operation in addition to any other tasks specified by the drone pilot.

Don’t’ have a drone yet? Or you haven’t started flying drones yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to complete as many times as you need. Just answer all questions in relation to the drone you intend on buying and how you plan to operate drones. Your personalised guidance will explain your results, so if you fall into a high-risk category because of the drone you’ve selected or because of the way in which you plan to fly it, you can adjust your plans accordingly and then complete this survey again to receive your updated results. Equally, bear in mind that if your choice of drone changes and/or if your intended drone operations change, then your results may no longer be accurate – therefore, you will need to complete the survey again to reflect your changes in drone and/or drone operations.