Rescue Drone Homeschooling

Are you having to homeschool your children through this challenging time? Or are you one of the incredible teachers that is still going into work to make sure the children of key workers are looked after? We’ve created something with these heroes in mind.

As a homeschooling idea for this challenging time, we have created some rescue drone related colouring in and drawing activities for parents and teachers to print off for the kids to enjoy. Keep reading to find out why we have decided to do this…oh and to find out how your child could win an exciting prize!


1. Relieve Stress

These are stressful times for everyone, worldwide, and researchers have discovered that colouring in activities help to relax the amygdala – the section of the brain that is activated when experiencing stressful situations. Hence the ‘Keep Calm and Colour In’ mantra we have used throughout the designs. We hope that these activities will bring some respite to these stressful times for you and your children, even if just for a moment.

2. Spark Creativity

Colouring and drawing sparks brain activity and activates the parts of the brain responsible for creativity and logic. Did you know that Shakespeare used his time in quarantine from the bubonic plague to create Macbeth, Anthony, and Cleopatra? Let’s encourage children to also embrace their creativity during this moment of stillness – and then maybe greatness can be realised during this period of quarantine too.

3. Rescue Drones are the Future

During this crisis, drones may become the most safe and efficient form of aviation and delivery – changing perspectives towards this once feared form of technology, forever. Thus enabling drone use cases to grow as a result – especially in terms of lifesaving and life-preserving uses. Drones were essential to China’s response to COVID-19, the tech was used for:

  • Aerial spray and disinfection;
  • Transportation of samples; and
  • Delivery of consumer items.

These activities can get our younger generations thinking about drones as lifesaving and life-preserving tools, preparing them for a growing future industry.


Please send us photos of the completed drawings to:

We’ll share your children’s epic creations onto our Instagram: @SkyBoundRescuer

The photos with the most likes by the end of May will receive an exciting prize: a LEGO Rescue Helicopter (as pictured)…


So let’s generate a positive campaign through these challenging times that encourages kids to keep calm, get creative, and embrace an exciting future of rescue drones!


Download and Print the Below Activities:

Drone Medical Deliveries – Beginner Level

Drones for Maritime Search and Rescue – Beginner Level

Drones for Fire Response – Intermediate Level

Drones for Maritime Search – Intermediate Level

Create Your Own Rescue Drone Story – Expert Level

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