Empowering Drones for Good: Why SOARIZON By Thales Backs SkyBound Rescuer

After working closely with the SOARIZON by Thales team on our SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar, I decided to interview their Customer Success Manager, Callum Holland, on the SOARIZON product, what it can offer drones for public safety, and why they decided to back our mission of empowering drones for good….

What is SOARIZON and why was it created?

“In recent years the use of drones across all industries, including the Emergency Services, has expanded rapidly. This emerging technology can, quite literally, save lives.

So why doesn’t every Police Officer carry a drone in his or her kit bag? Or every Fire Brigade have ready access to aerial thermal imaging for all incidents? The answer is the same one that has been holding back the private sector too: scalability.

Managing a handful of motivated, skilled pilots and a small fleet of aircraft is a relatively simple affair. You can build efficiency through interpersonal relationships with the team and track your fleet on a spreadsheet.

However, as you begin to scale you lose that ability. Suddenly, keeping track of all your pilots’ competency, currency and flying hours becomes unmanageable.

Your once small fleet of aircraft grows to ten, fifteen, or more. Simply tracking the usage of each battery (often a Civil Aviation Authority requirement) becomes a task beyond the humble spreadsheet.

There is also the question of ensuring the planning of each flight is done in line with your legal responsibilities. This is where SOARIZON by Thales comes in, we have been hard at work on a platform that addresses all the points above into one simple, secure solution.”



“What SOARIZON offers is an industry-leading technical solution for managing and planning your drone operations, while keeping your data totally secure. SOARIZON recently ran a demonstration alongside the Police Service and Essex Search & Rescue teams. Our ethos of open innovation means that, rather than assume what the Emergency Services wanted from a tool like SOARIZON, we worked with them to find out exactly what was required.

Working with our partners in this way has taught us a great deal about the use of drones within the Emergency Services and more importantly your pain points. We are excited about empowering your drone operations in order to drive productivity, cost-savings and create a better public perception of the use of drones.

We will be holding live demonstrations of SOARIZON during Day 1 of the Emergency Services Show so please come along to see for yourself. You can find us inside The SkyBound Rescuer Drone Dome which we have proudly sponsored. Within our team on the day there are ex-serving Military Officers and former Police Constables who are now helping to shape the future of drone operations in this sector.”

Why did you decide to sponsor the SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar?

“We knew of Gemma and SkyBound Rescuer from her fantastic work within the Emergency Services sector and her drive to empower them to use drones for good.

The SkyBound Rescuer Project is about driving the message that drones if utilised properly, are a force for good in the world. This is where SOARIZON is trying to help and we firmly believe collaboration rather than competition in this field will unlock the potential of drones for everyone. We always seek to support individuals and businesses who share our values and mission, to unleash the potential of drones for the better.”

What has the sponsorship opportunity offered you?

“This has been an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that SOARIZON is truly a global platform that can be tailored to support more complex use cases. It has provided us with privileged access to the community of people who put the general public before themselves, our Emergency Services.

Having this access has given us an appreciation for their unique requirements in terms of drone deployments and we are looking at shaping this into a tailored workflow to support Emergency Services expand their use of drones.”


 How can a public safety agency get involved with and/or start using SOARIZON?

“We have a strong presence at the Emergency Services Show so please come find us in and around the Drone Dome to talk about your specific requirements. You can always reach out to Karim Cosslett, our Head of Business Development at karim.cosslett.e@thalesdigital.io. In the meantime, please connect with us on LinkedIn at SOARIZON by Thales where we will be posting more Emergency Services centered content in the lead up to the show.”


You can still sign up for free to the SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar on the 18th and 19th September, via this link: https://eventdata.uk/Forms/Form.aspx?FormRef=ESS99Visitor&TrackingCode=Drone

A massive thank you to SOARIZON By Thales for believing in our vision and enabling our events to happen!




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