Chapter Four

Santa: “These devices are saving lives all around the world, Rudolph! Finding missing people, providing situational awareness to rescue teams, delivering medical supplies, dropping rescue equipment…drones are constantly helping people in new AMAZING ways! Maybe drones are the answer? Maybe drones can save Christmas, Rudolph! Maybe this is – as you put it – the idea that will take off?!” Santa smiled radiantly with pride in what he thought was an ingenious idea, which slowly transitioned into a look of confusion…

Santa: “You don’t seem sold on the idea, Rudolph?”

Rudolph: “It’s just…there’s been A LOT of bad media around those things, haven’t they been used in drug drops to prisons?”

Santa: “Yes, but unfortunately that pilot abused the benefits of the drone! I don’t plan to do such a thing..”

Rudolph: “Ok…good point…But what about all the near misses and crashes?”

Santa: “Hmm, you’re right! I need to learn to use it safely first…so I better get practising right away!”

Santa hurried off in that instance.

To be continued…

#DronesCanSaveXmas #DronesCanSaveLives

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