Chapter Three

“Santa, you CANNOT give up, everyone is depending on you! Surely there can be Christmas without the need for reindeer? Perhaps this is the year for a change? I’m sure what ever solution you come up with, Santa, the children will love and embrace, and it will really take off! Because, after all, you are Santa Claus!” exclaims a croaky, weak, and feverish – yet somehow optimistic – Rudolph.

Santa looked up at Rudolph, stunned.

“Take off?…TAKE OFF…THAT’S IT! Rudolph, you’re a genius!!”

If ever there was a lightbulb moment, this was it for Santa. Rudolph looked puzzled, unsure on exactly what he had said to evoke such a reaction, but slowly a smile spread across his face.

“You’re welcome…I think!?”

To be continued…

#DronesCanSaveXmas #DronesCanSaveLives

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